Question : Access 2007 Update subform values with another subform

I have an access 2007 database that holds a table called Reference which will have a large number of records.  The Applicant table will need to gather fields and is linked to the Reference table one-to-many, so it may have several References.  I also have a Reference_Response table that holds fields that will become applicable once a record is added from the Reference  table.  When a record is added from the reference table it must also be assigned a Account # through the Reference_Response table.  I have set up a query Reference General to handle this on the main form Initial_Application_Input.

So here is my question.  I have a form called Initial_Application_Input.  It holds 2 subforms (one created by the Reference General query which holds all of the Reference and Reference_Response fields and is linked to the main form AND one that is called Reference_Input that is not linked to the main form and is used to house the database of records.  

I would like suggestions on how to search the Reference_Input form using the native search function on the menu bar (or just typing in values)  and then Insert the field values into the Initial_Application_Input_Refs fields.  A bonus would be a reminder to input the account number once the values are transferred and once inputted, insert the record.
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Answer : Access 2007 Update subform values with another subform

<On the Initial_Application_Form how does a user select a company in the database in the subform Reference_Input and have it populate the other subform Initial_Application_input_Refs?>

For the benefit of other Experts who might review this thread:

The upload I provided below includes a new form which would be used to work with the normalized structure. That form is named Applicant, and it is set as the Startup form. I've also included a new field in the References subform which shows how to store the Acct Number, and how to force the user to enter that value when entering a new Reference (or editing an existing reference).
includes Acct Number
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