Question : Thin Client Licensing Error

My setup:

-3 Identical Windows Server 2008 Standard setting up is Terminal Sever mode
-A separate server with the domain controller installer acts as my TS licensing server for the three above servers
-About 25 thin clients connect to each server for remote desktop (75 thin clients in all)
-I purchased an Open TS license pack from MS through Dell for 75 CALs

Everything has been working great for the past 6-7 months but yesterday everything came to a halt. My thin clients all get an error when trying to connect about an "internal licensing error has occurred". I check my licensing server and it had some errors and was not running. I restarted the licensing service and that all looked good.  The thin clients still would not connect with the same error. I can RDP in from a PC to any of the servers and any account just fine but not from the thin clients.

I uninstalled the licensing server role on the DC server and the reinstalled it. I re-activated my CALs and that all seems fine. The three TS servers show no licensing errors and they all show that the proper number of CALs are available. Still have the same problem.  This is becoming very frustrating. Any ideas would be very helpful

Thank you in advance.  

Answer : Thin Client Licensing Error

one thing you may consider is using PER USER CALS instead of PER DEVICE...  PER USER cals don't get installed on client machines... and are much easier to manage...

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