Question : MSExchangeIS Event ID 9582 every hour - on Exchange 2003

After applying a series of patches to my Exchange server last night, I found this morning that the server (2003 Enterprise SP2) had generated a Type:Error 9582

"The virtual memory necessary to run your Exchange server is fragmented in such a way that normal operation may begin to fail. It is highly recommended that you restart all Exchange services to correct this issue.", subsequently it generated an event ID 1000 error for store.exe and was not working when I found it.

A reboot seems to have resolved this partly - the server is back up and working.

However, a few hours into the day I've started getting a Warning:Error 9582 (same message).  This warning is being generated *exactly* hourly.

Research on this issue all points to W2K and using the 3GB switch in the boot ini....but this is a Windows 2003 server, and the 3GB switch has been in the boot.ini for a long while already.

More confusing (for me) - in the performance logs, I've been tracking counters of MSExchangeIS. They are unvarying.
VM Largest Block Size  32514048
VM Total Free Blocks  321
VM Total Large Free Block Bytes  181231616

Please advise - it seems to me that I'm getting warnings about virtual memory, but all the counters seem to indicate VM is fine.

Answer : MSExchangeIS Event ID 9582 every hour - on Exchange 2003

Download EXBPA and run.

Just go through it and try to resolve with help of given link.
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