Question : VB6 - crytl32.ocx - Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits: Cannot load !


I just migrated to Windows 7 64bits Ultimate on a new machine. My programs were running 'fine' on my Vista Home Premuim machine. Here I discovered that all my old VB3 / Crystal 4.0 (16 bits apps) did not work so I installed XP Mode and had them installed there and all is fine (after a struggle of 1 week !!!).

My issue is now with VB6 projects running from my Win 7 that still uses the CrystalReport engine using the crystl32.ocx library.

When I load my project I get following error:
crysl32.ocx could not be loaded.--  Continue loading Project ?
If I answer Yes then the project is loaded whithout the crystalReport1 component.

If I go to Project/Components I do not find a reference for Crystl32.ocx or Crystal Report but I find refrences for the new Crystal Report XI that I also installed on my machine. My program uses both engine for new reports and support for old versions.

If I use the browse on the Controls Tab in the Components Window, and look for the file in windows/system32 I find crystl32.ocx but when I try to load it it give me following error:
The file C:\windows\system32\crystl32.ocx was not registrable as an Active X component and as a result I am not able to add this component in my program and consequently my application does not work as all refrences to this component gives an error.

I need help on this issue, and hate to think that I need to run also this VB6 application in XP mode !!!!


Answer : VB6 - crytl32.ocx - Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits: Cannot load !

As I recall that version of Crystal doesn't install when you install VB6.  There is a separate installation for it on the CD.

I forget where it is.  Search the CD for cystl32.oc_  or just files like crystl*

In the directory there is a setup/install exe you can run to install Crystal.

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