Question : windows permissioning


It looks like I managed to mess up the permissions on one of the folder. Basically no one has permission on all the child folders of my web directory. I have the ownership but not the right to read/write.

Is it there any way to get the permissions?
Even if I try to say 'Replace permission entries on all child pbject with entries on the parent' it owuldn't work because I do not have permissions on the child objects...
access denied :/
Is there any way out of it?

It will be great if some one could help ASAP.

Answer : windows permissioning

It is likely you do not have ownership of the child objects in order to apply permissions
On the security tab for the root folder, click advanced, then click the owner tab.  Change owner to you and tick the box below that says 'replace owner on subcontainers and objects'.
Click ok to come all the way out of the properties for the root folder - go back in and you will now have the rights to change permissions on all the subfolders.
You can only do this if you are an administrator of the machine in question.
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