Question : kaspersky admin kit is not updating

Dear All,

I have Kaspersky admin kit 8. Suddenly it's not updating the signetures for the clients. i deleted the task and re-create it. i am getting this error every time i try to run it manually.

Severity:            Error
Application:            Kaspersky Administration Kit
Version number:            8.0.2090
Task name:            update DB
Computer:            Administration Server <KAV>
Group:            Managed computers
Time:            Tuesday, May 25, 2010 8:38:23 AM
Description:            Resource is unavailable (#1195-0)

the server harddisk is 80% free. it has a direct internet access.

any one has any idea ?? is there another source for the update

thanks in advance

Answer : kaspersky admin kit is not updating

Use [Zip , 918KB] and manually download the virus difinition.

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