Question : Please wait while Windows configures Crystal Reports Release 2

Hello - I just installed SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005, and Crystal Reports XI r2 on my laptop,  running Windows XP Pro.

(I know, these are ancient versions of everything, but that's what this client is running)

I installed in the order listed above; the last two things I installed was the base version of CR, then the R2 update.

Then the first time I opened up Visual Studio, up pops a window (Windows Istaller, I think?) with "Crystal Reports Release 2" in the title bar, displaying the message:
"Please wait while Windows configures Crystal Reports Release 2"

Whatever it was doing, it looped through countless repetitions of it, for 10-15 minutes. I didn't worry too much; those 2 app's are fairly well integrated with each other,

Then the first time I opened up Crystal Reports, it did the same thing, except now, at regular intervals, a DOS window would open up with "Program Files\Business Objects\j2sdk1.4.2_08\bin\java.exe" in the title bar.

I had just allowed a Java update to happen, so I thought, ok, I can see that...

Just now, I opened up a completely un-related app (FMS Total Access Sourcebook), and it ran through the same thing again! (with the DOS Window, and j2sdk thing

Can anybody tell me what is happening here, and how (or should) I stop it?


Answer : Please wait while Windows configures Crystal Reports Release 2

I tried re-installing the R2 release (running the install executable (14-00806-085.part1.exe) with the "Re-Install" option). No help; still getting the "Please wait.." when opening a report in CR.

So I decided to un-install...

I did the Control Panel un-install
I ran CCleaner, let it fix all the problems it found
I opened up RegEdit, looked down all the trunks for "Software\Business Objects", and deleted everything I found
I ran CCleaner again; no problems found

Then manually deleted everything else I could find:
Program Files, BO folder
C:\Documents and Settings\Mark\Local Settings\Application Data\Crystal Reports

Then I started from scratch JUST DOING THE R2 INSTALL (14-00806-085.part1.exe)
I turned off everything that wasn't needed, including my anti-virus/spyware/firewall
The install ran all the way through with no problems
Looked at VS; the "CR Website", "CR webpage" templates were back on their respective "New" dialogs
Opened up CR, no "Please wait..."
Opened up VS, then then my website, then a report; still no "Please wait..."

At last... 'bout damn time...

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