Question : Restore default wireless connection on laptop

I have an Acer laptop with Windows XP, and the normal wireless connection ability.  This has worked fine since I got it.

Recently, in conjunction with debugging another computer, a tech support guy had me set the laptop up to test whether a USB wireless adapter that I was trying to use on the other computer was working.

This included turning off the normal automatic wireless connection in the laptop and setting it up to use the USB adapter.   That all worked fine and in the Network Connections, the adapter connection shows.  

Now I cannot get the laptop to connect to any wireless without the adapter.  I have tried disabling the adapter connection, but I just cannot find any way to get back to the default automatic wireless connections.

Can someone give me a step by step for how to get rid of the adapter's connection and back to the original automatic method for detecting and connecting to nearby wireless?

Answer : Restore default wireless connection on laptop

Here are the steps I would take. Plug the USB adapter in the laptop. Go to Add or Remove programs and remove any wireless assistant software.

In the Device Manager, remove the wireless USB adapter then unplug the adapter and restart the computer and try it.

Is the adapter available in network connections? If not, check the device manager, it may have to be reinstalled.

Are you able to see any available connections in WZC?

If not, make sure the adapter is not turned off with a physical switch on the laptop. Check to make sure the adapter is enabled.

Please post the results.

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