Question : Browse SBS 2008  user redirected folders as an Administrator

Hello Experts,
I am trying to set up the user redirected folders in SBS 2008 to allow me as the systems administrator, to browse the folders for backup and restoring. When I remove the setting: "grant the user exclusive rights to documents" in the redirection policy, it still does not allow me access and furthermore, seems to disable redirection and I have to then re-enable it though the SBS management interface again. Any ideas?

Answer : Browse SBS 2008  user redirected folders as an Administrator

In doing a bit of research on SBS 2008 user folder redirection it looks like the only way to view and browse user folders, other than your own, you need to take ownership of the folder. A possible work around is using the restore wizard and restore the folder to alternate location (all or non type of restore) and uncheck the box to carry over the security permissions. This will allow you to browse the folder and retrieve/restore file.

Take a look at this solution:'t+folder+redirect+sb+share

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