Question : How to alter web page so Google Chrome will clear old data?

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How can I get a website to work properly with Google Chrome? I don't want it just to work for me, I want it work for everyone. So I'd like to know if there is some setting that can be coded in to force Google Chrome to work properly.

PROBLEM: with Chrome Browser: Site is referencing an old file
TRIED: Clear cookies via
1. Under the Hood/Clear Browsing Data
2. Open URL/Developer Tools/Storage/Cookies
3. Ctrl-F5
4. Access site via incognito browsing (stealth mode)

Step #4 works. But for regular browsing, site always plays wrong MP3 file. Ideally, I don't want people to have to clear old data. I just want it to force playing the new, correct file.

Page is:

Normally accessed via clicking "play" to right of "Sarah Jones-Larson" at:

You can't duplicate the problem unless you have already visited the page and Google has a copy of the old MP3 stored.

Answer : How to alter web page so Google Chrome will clear old data?

Change the name of the file that your site is linking to and link the site to the new file, that would stop it using the old file.
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