Question : Windows 2008 DC and IP Default Gateway settings

Hi there,

I have a Windows 2008 Active Directory. I initially had one domain controller, and have recently commissioned another which is on a separate subnet to the first.

I am having an issue with the new domain controller where every time I restart the machine for what ever reason, the Default Gateway I've set for the adapter disappears. As a result, both domain controllers aren't able to talk to one another as they are on separate subnets. When I go in and set a gateway, everything works as expected.

Naturally, I'm going to have to restart this machine for updates and so on, and I don't really want to be setting a default gateway every time I reboot the box.

Any ideas on why the default gateway disappears every time I reboot?


Answer : Windows 2008 DC and IP Default Gateway settings

Never had this happen on any of my DCs, some things i'd try are updating the NIC drivers,  you could also try resetting IP   as described here


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