Question : Invalid Use of Null

I'm trying to insert into a table using DoCmd.RunSQL.  I first fill the variables from the form controls, but when I try to insert any empty txtDOB I get this error message: "Invalid Use of Null" - I assume by adding empty strings to the end of the First and Last Name that I can insert empty values into the table for strings... but how do you do this for dates that are allowed to still be empty?

intPPANum = Me.txtPPANum.Value
strFirstName = Me.txtFirstName.Value & ""
strLastName = Me.txtLastName.Value & ""
datDOB = Me.txtDOB.Value

DoCmd.RunSQL "INSERT INTO tblPPA (intPPAID, txtFirstName, txtLastName, txtDOB) Values (" & intPPANum & "," & strFirstName & "', '" strLastName & "', #" & datDOB & "#);"

Answer : Invalid Use of Null

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