Question : SCOM 2007 R2 Dashboard creation / manipulation

I'm trying to create a "server-centric" dashboard in SCOM2007 R2 on Windows Server 2003. Currently the method seems to be to create a dashboard that monitors certain things, and then choose which servers that dashboard applies to.

I would like to create a dashboard for a single server and then add monitors to THAT dashboard, the effect being that on the left panel i would have a list of items which would be the server names, and in the centre or main panel, i would have my counters or graphs (specifically disk space free %, specific event log errors/events and a couple of others)

Once i have this "mini-dash" for each server i would like to have a web view that incorporates these individual minidashes into one single dashboard showing the healthe of all the servers being monitored

If anyone actually follows what i mean - do you reckon you can help?

Thanks in advance

Answer : SCOM 2007 R2 Dashboard creation / manipulation

Hi Izattafact,

dashboard parts are independent beasties and don't talk to eachother they way you're describing (that I've seen anyway), at least not without some kind of add-on.

The only native way I can think of to achieve something approaching what you're after is to create yourself distributed applications, or even just performance views,  each representing one of your "servers".  

With the distributed apps, you can look at them / create views for them and alert on them independently, also setting yourself up a view of multiple distributed applications to get your "single picture of the world" scenario in place.  This would give you you something along the lines of a traffic light view that you could open using the web console (with a url targetting a particular view you've created).  

The unfortunate thing is that there is very little out there on how to go about creating good distributed applications and the two videos that used to be up on the MS site now seem to have been moved somewhere you can't get at them anymore (gotta love site redesigns!).

These aren't quite what you're after but you may be able to shape parts of them into something to meet your needs: for the Service Level Dashboard for SCOM 2007

the Visio 2010 for SCOM 2007 R2 add-in looks like it would be a nice visual way to monitor distributed apps amongst other things in pretty dynamic views you can publish to sharepoint

There's also a company called savision that do a mapping product that sits on top of Opsmgr and gives you live "maps" of your environment but I'm thinking it sounds pretty close to what the visio add-on does

I'm sorry but that's about the extent of the assistance I can give you with this, other Experts may be able to add more suggestions.

Good Luck!

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