Question : ESX 4.0 & Windows 07 Dual Boot

Hello VM Gurus,

I want to dual boot my ESX 4.0 Srv with  Win 07.

Following is the step I followed

1) Install win 07 first and keep a small portion of the disk not used by Windows 07
2) Boot through the ESX 4.0 DVD and try to install the ESX 4.0 on the the remaining disk space (Like usual windows and Linux dual boot)

But When I do this, ESX 4.0 detects  the HDD at top level and does not display/detect the partition  inside.

Is it possible to dual win 07 and ESX 4.0


Answer : ESX 4.0 & Windows 07 Dual Boot

There must be things you're not showing for your code to work anywhere.  First is the class definition for 'DB' which is not part of PDO that I could find.  Second is the '$dsn' string.  They may be part of an include file somewhere on another project.

The code below is what I got from Pear/PDO.  The complete example above with the info for my database works exactly the same as the direct method that I used before which is like you showed above using 'mysql_connect'.
$dbdsn = "mysql:dbname=$dbname;host=$dbhost";
$dbh = new PDO($dbdsn, $dbuser, $dbpass);
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