Question : DConcat not working - getting #Error in query results

I had the code working then I went to make a modification to the query using the Dconcat function and now I am getting #Error.  

Here is my current query - what am I missing?
Note the query works great if I remove the DConcat portion of the query - so what is wrong with my syntax?

SELECT Qry_PrgUODetail.WS_NO_UO AS WS_NO, DConcat("[MN]","[Qry_PrgUODetail]","[WS_NO_UO] = '" & [WS_NO_UO] & "'") AS MNList, Max(IIf([APNo]="ZB001","X",'')) AS ZB001, Max(IIf([APNo]="ZB002","X",'')) AS ZB002, Max(IIf([APNo]="ZB021","X",'')) AS ZB021
FROM Qry_PrgUODetail

Answer : DConcat not working - getting #Error in query results

start by using
select ... , permission,
 and find a way to format your result removing duplicate values and adding the brackets
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