Question : Excel SQL Subtotal

I am using Excel to connect to an MSSQL database. Specifically, I am using the Excel function: Data / Import External Data / New Database Query.

I am able to successfully get the information I want, but I would like to know how to subtotal by category.  So in my case, my query generates the following SQL statement:
SELECT Patient."Last Name", Patient."First Name", Patient."Last Visit", Patient."Provider Code", Patient."Facility Code"
FROM "Sample Company".dbo.Patient Patient
ORDER BY Patient."Facility Code", Patient."Provider Code", Patient."Last Name"

This gives me a nice long spreadsheet sorted by Facility.  Is there a way to subtotal the Count of each unique value in the Facility column?

Answer : Excel SQL Subtotal

Once you get back the query results, then, you can use Excel's subtotals feature.

In Excel 2003 it was under either Insert or Data (can't check now); in Excel 2007 it's on the Data tab, Outline group.
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