Question : create a shared folder on OSX server

We have a bunch of mac laptops and a server running OS x 10.5.  We would like to create a company shared file with permissions for two groups on this server and make ti easy to access by our users.  On the windows side there are mapped drives to make accessing shared folders easy.  Is there something similar in OSX that we can us to facilitate this shared drive?

Answer : create a shared folder on OSX server

You can connect to the server and save your username and password in the keychain then just create a alias of the server's share. this will reconnect you to the share when you double click the alias.

just click "Go" then Connect to server
type in afp:// then the ip address of the server
enter username and pass click remember
then make the alias of the connection you have in finder

Let me know if you need more help.
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