Question : Remote offices and DNS

I have a VPN link between two offices and can ping between the subnets, I want to set up a server in the remote office and be able to join the domain in the main office with it.
I can ping by IP address across the subnets but not by DNS name
Can someone give me a tip on how I can get these two sites to see each other, one is and the remote site, the main site has WIndows 2003 domain controller and the remote site is a member server that has joined the domain in the main site before being placed in teh remote site.
The VPN link is with cisco 506 and a ASA, as said I can ping and remote desktop to each site.

Answer : Remote offices and DNS

You should configure the clients of the subnet to use your domain controller on the subnet as DNS server. Probably you would like to have to DHCP server handout the correct settings. So you'd have to change the DNS server that is givven by the DHCP on the remote site.
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