Question : CCSOFlag's Tax Plan

I was away cuz of a family emergency so I didn't get to participate in Tlingit's post, so I wanted to see what people thought of how I view how tax should be.

I want to start off saying I believe in getting rid of a lot of spending including welfare, social security, medicare, research, ludicrous retirements for politicians, etc.  I also believe in lowering a lot of spending and being more responsible ie military.

My idea of the sources of government funding should be sales tax and usage fees.  I don't think there should be any income tax, property tax, or FICA.

Here's how I think it should be run:

Pertaining to usage fees:
If you use an interstate, pay for it when you use it.
If you use a rest area, pay for it when you use it.
If you use a national park, pay for it when you use it.
If you want fire service, pay for it.
If you want police service, pay for it.
Why should I be paying for an interstate in Maine, when I never go there and never desire to go there?  I'd be glad to pay for the interstates here in my state every time I use them, or purchasing a pass like a lot of tollways have.
Why should I pay for national parks I never visit?  If I want to visit it, then I'd be glad to pay to go see it.

Pertaining to sales tax:
Simple.  Everything you buy pay a tax that the government deems necessary.  If you buy food, have the tax pay for the enforcement of regulations for those foods.  IF you buy a car, have the taxes pay for the regulation enforcement for those.  etc...  Granted more tax would come out in general for things like military, government jobs, etc.  This way people choose where their money is going for the most part.

Pertaining to Income tax:
It's unfair to tax payers to have to fork over money for things they don't use.  With income tax you are never in the driver's seat as to where the money goes.  It's simply going to a huge pool and gets used for anything and everything.

Pertaining to Property Tax:
There used to be a time when you could live off your land with hard work.  Now you have to pay taxes on it for the rest of your life.  In other words to have your house you have to have income the rest of your life.  Tell me how this is fair or how it makes sense.  If my grandfather built the house I live in 100 years ago, why should I be paying the government for it still?  Now if they want to tax the sale of the house, that's perfectly fine, I can deal with that.

Pertaining to FICA:
Why should I be responsible for others who lack planning?  If you want a retirement, pay for it yourself.  plan ahead.  If you want medical care, pay for it yourself, plan ahead.  IF something unplanned comes, deal with it (I'm currently dealing with flooding myself without government aid).  I am not responsible for you and you are not responsible for me.  Now if I had more money I may in turn help you out as much as I can and I'm sure many others would too, but I should not be required to help you.  That is not fair in any way.  I can make much more money with what I have to put into FICA than the government ever could.  Now I don't mind if this is a voluntary thing.  If you pay in you get return, but you should not be required to pay in if you do not want to, but again you don't get the benefits if you don't.

So if you are still with me here is what I am asking:
-What do you think about this?
-What are flaws you see in this type of system?
-If you like it then why do you think we don't use it?  What do you think would have to happen to switch to this kind of system?
-If you don't like it, why not?  What do you feel would be better?  Why?
-As far as being fair to all citizens, how does this rate since it gives the citizen more control over where their money goes?

Answer : CCSOFlag's Tax Plan

Sales taxes are regressive to great degree. They force the poorer people to pay a greater percentage of their income in taxes than the affluent.

In general what you are proposing is a very Libertarian form of taxation.  The major flaw in such a system is that it ignores the communal interest (the majority) by focusing more on the values of the individual. Such a system is workable, but brakes down very quickly when placed under an economic stress such a disaster, war, or large scale projects. It also relies on an assumption that we can precisely measure the value of each good/service which is practically impossible, even without marginal utility factors.

It is a utopian solution, but unworkable in practice.

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