Question : Can i remove this green screen

Shot a model against a green screen; In several shots the model is wearing a veil that shows the green screen behind (image1.jpg); My objective is to achieve either a white background or a transparent background.
I tried using a Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer in the green channel but it leaves too much green inside the white veil. I tried the select color range command without much luck either. What is the recommended technique in this situation?
Model on Green Screen
Model on Green Screen

Answer : Can i remove this green screen

try this:
1. open your image in photoshop.
2. select menu->image->mode & select CMYK color scheme.
3. now double click on the background layer to convert it to normal layer see this link:

4. press 'W' key to select magic wand tool and click on green background. green background will be selected, if some area will still remaining to selection then press and hold 'shift' key and click again on non-selected background untill you get all the green background is selected. see the image at this stage:

5. delete the green background by pressing delete button and see the image.

6. let the actual game begin. goto layer plate and select channel tab, select the cyan color channel but  all channels make visible so you can see what is hapenning. see this image:

7. now press 'D' key to reset the foreground/background colors. foreground color must be black and background must be white on tool plate.

8. now select 'eraser' tool and select a soft edge brush and set the diameter according to your image resolution.

9. since you are working in only cyan channel so start erasing the cyan color first. see this image:

10. after erasing all cyan color behind the veil, the image will look like this:

11. take a notice that yellow color is needed to be erased behind the veil so now select yellow channel and erase the yellow color (only on veil) not on skin. after erasing yellow color the image will look like this:

12. take a notice that behind the veil, still is some magenta color so select the magenta channel and start erasing magenta. after erasing the magenta color the image will look like this:

13. now select the master (CMYK) channel and come back to layer plate.
14. goto menu image->mode->RGB to convert the file once again in RGB mode.

WOW! you did it.
i'm hoping this will help you.
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