Question : Not able to connect SMB to Tiger Server

I have a Tiger Server in a Domain with a Windows 2003 Domain Controller and Active Directory. Not much of a Mac expert either. :)  

From a Windows Machine or from a Mac I'm not able to connect SMB to our Tiger server all of a sudden. I am, however, able to SMB to the server by using the local admin and root account. No other accounts are able to. AFP is still working fine.

It's been working fine for years, now out of the blue and being fairly sure no changes were made to the server it's no longer working. Let me know if you need anymore information!

Answer : Not able to connect SMB to Tiger Server

Hi jxbma;

The query you are trying to execute and fill its results into a DataTable with will not work. The syntax for the CopyToDataTable is as follows :

Public Shared Function CopyToDataTable(Of T As DataRow) ( _
      source As IEnumerable(Of T) _
) As DataTable

But what you have is the following :

var query = (from pax in ListOfItems
                   from pInfo in Information
                   where pax.Value == pInfo.Key.TravelerID
                   select new { pax.Key.FirstName,
                                        pInfo.Value });

Which the type of the query is of Anonymous type as can be seen from the select clause where you use the keyword new without a type. When you query two List the results is of some List or IEnumerable. There is no function that will convert a List to a DataRow of a DataTable.

The solution will be to loop through the results and create a DataRow from the DataTable for each element of the result set.


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