Question : Scheduling script to run every 10 minuts


I am new to debian linux. I have a perl script which i wanted to run every 10 minutes. I think this can be done by cron in the debian linux

To run my script in putty i run with below command


How can i make this script running every 10 min

Please guide me with the steps I need to run it or adding this to cron

There are already some tasks on cron which is already running. I do not wanted any effect on those running crons

Please guide me with easy steps to make my script working

Like if you want me to add code like below
xxxxx 10 min /usr/local/myapp/pro/exe/start

Please help me with how should I see existing crons and update my code to it

Please guide me with each step with it as this is production server and is very important for me to do the things right

Yes I am using putty to access my debian server

Hope you understand


Answer : Scheduling script to run every 10 minuts

Click on Send Receive -> Send Receive Groups -> Define Send Receive Groups (at the bottom and may be what jrathi meant). Send Receive groups dialogue box opens. Send receive interval is in there. ... Thinkpads_User
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