Question : Gmail doesn't work with 2 different computers

I've signed up for Google Business Apps (the paid for version) and have run into a strange issue.

I learned that in order to utilize one Gmail account on two different computers, such as my office desktop and then my laptop(using POP and not imap), that I have to add "recent:" before my username in Outlook to enable recent mode, otherwise each computer will download some e-mails and not the other computer will download some, but they won't receive all the same e-mails. And that's even with "save copy of message on server" enabled.

The problem is is that apparently all the e-mails within Gmail that are "conversations" or "threads" don't translate well into Outlook when this mode is enabled. So I've got nearly all my sent items showing up as e-mails sent to myself which appear in my inbox. It's an insane amount since almost everyone I e-mail replies and I reply back.

Any one know of a fix for this?
Anyway to conveniently use the gmail account in Outlook on two different computers, and without using imap?

Answer : Gmail doesn't work with 2 different computers

UrlRewriting is one way to go:

Or design your own webservice say hosted on
1: When you send store the redirecting url inside a table with key= the userid or may be something unique.
2: So when user clicks the link grab the key, get redirecturl and redirect them.

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