Question : Communication between 2 remote Servers

Hi All,

We have 5 remote sites, we are using Backup Exec 2010 for backup services. One of the web server is in web farm have 2 NIC one for internet facing and one for internal facing. Problem we are having is communication between web server and backup server. Backup server is residing in remote site i.e. site A with the network of and IP for web server is:

Internet facing:
Public DNS

Internal Facing:
No gateway
Internal DNS

From the backup server I can ping but not, also from the web server I cannot ping backup server. But when I ping it is resolving the IP for backup server. Also from backup server internal IP is resolving the name(IP) when I ping i.e. ping web1.

So far I tried to add route as:

Route add

Route add  but no luck

Can any one please advice how can I make communication in both servers? Only thing I can think off is using two gateways via Routing and remote Access???

PS: Web server is Windows 2003, Backup server is Windows 2008

Your help will be highly appreciated.



Answer : Communication between 2 remote Servers

Floating static routes for the VPN endpoints and floating default routes with route-maps

For IPSEC VPN are you talking about mobile users or site-site VPN? Assuming you mean site-site VPN:

ip route <wan A next hop>
ip route a.b.c.d <wan A next hop>  <=== this is the remote peer IP address
ip route <wan B next hop> 100
ip route a.b.c.d <wan A next hop> 100  <== same routes with higher cost for failover

ip route <wan B next hop>
ip route <wan A next hop> 100

Since you can only have 1 default gateway on the router, it's going to be a little more difficult to serve mobile VPN clients due to not knowing their public IP addresses, and your primary default will be to ISPB.
Here's a way around that:

ip route <wan A next hop> <== default to A will allow remote users to connect VPN
ip route <wan B next hop> 100

access-list 101 deny ip <local network> <imask>  
access-list 101 permit ip <local networ> <imask> any

route-map ISPB permit 10
 match ip address 101
 set ip default next-hop <WAN B Next hop ip>

interface xxx
 descript inside LAN interface
 ip policy route-map ISPB

If WANB is down, route-map traffic will automatically take the default out the other ISP
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