Question : Exchange 2010 Public Folder Error

Am getting the following error on the Exchange 2010 box, SRV2008/SP1 am running in mixed mode and the public folders are on the exchange 2003 box

<USER> failed an operation on folder /O /OU= /CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=OAB VERSION 494B1095C4F83A18EA71FF4BF25EA378F06ED7C on database "Public Folder Database" because the user did not have the following access rights:

'Delete' 'Read Property' 'Write Property' 'Create Message' 'View Item' 'Create Subfolder' 'Write Security Descriptor' 'Write Owner' 'Read Security Descriptor' 'Contact'

The entry ID of the folder is in the data section of this event.

Any ideas are appreciated.

Answer : Exchange 2010 Public Folder Error

Hi learningunix,

the line checks if the left-most byte of 'num' is '1'.

'&num' is a pointer to the memory address where the first byte of 'num' resides. The '(char*)' casts this pointer '&num' (which is a pointer to int) to a pointer to char. Since char is a one byte data type accessing that 'pointer to char' with '*' accesses the first byte of the int. In little endian this byte has to be '1' for and 'int' which is '1' - in big endian the first byte would be '0' since the least significant byte is the most right one ...

Hope that helps,


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