Question : Thecus N8800 iscsi not showing in ESX4

I have a thecus N880 with 2 arrays
1 is a 4tB Raid 5 array
I configured it to be a 4Tb Iscsi target but esx4 doesn't see it
I've scanned and re-scanned the adaptor and it's just not shown

So I installed MS Iscsi initiator on my xp box
Still couldn't see it - ah the 2tb limit
Wiped out the 4Tb iscsi target and set a 1tb Iscsi target
ESX doesn't see it, but windows does, and see drives in computer management.

Any ideas what to do next?
i've tried a reboot etc etc
No authentication so thats not the issue

Answer : Thecus N8800 iscsi not showing in ESX4

When you ran the Connect to Email and Internet Connection Wizard (CEICW) and got to the firewall section, you needed to specify Remote Desktop as well as OWA and Remote Web Workplace.  Do they work?
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