Question : Move users home folders to new storage partition


We have a Windows 2008 file server (Windows 2008 domain) that is just about full. Our solution is to create another partition in our SAN and assign it to the file server. Once that is done, we want to move the users home folders over to the new space. Right now we have a script that maps the home folder for each user. My questions are, how do we go about moving the home folders while retaining permissions? Do the end users need to be out of the home folders in order to move them and do we only need to edit the login script and change the UNC path of the home folder to point to the new partition?

Answer : Move users home folders to new storage partition

It is safe to do that when users don't work. They often change their data. Plan some date for this action and then move everything from one drive to other. Share it, make necessary changes in users logon scripts/profiles and that's it :)

Sounds great, but it is worse in practice ;) I know, I migrated user profiles twice because of lack of space on hard drives :|
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