Question : Using Bash command in Perl Script

Hi All,

I want to use Bash Command in shell script. The  Bash command is below. Can someone suggest a way i could have the code in Perl.  The values in the bash command are the variables which comes off the perl script. These are the variables which Perl reads from a config file i.e $Instanceid $region

export ec2running=`$EC2_HOME/bin/ec2-describe-instances  --region=$region  $instanceid | grep INSTANCE | tr '\t' '\n' | grep running`

Answer : Using Bash command in Perl Script

$ENV{ec2running}=join' ',grep /running/,map{split/[\t\n]/}grep /INSTANCE/,`$EC2_HOME/bin/ec2-describe-instances  --region=$region  $instanceid`;
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