Question : Small Business Server 2008 Static IP change

The Server was orginally located at point A it had one static IP address assigned to it,, the DNS stayed the same. The IP, Subnet mask and Default Gateway are all new. We moved to point B, less than 5 miles from point A but to a different POP site, under the same ISP. We needed a new IP because we are adding an additional server that needs a public interface to this location. Saying that we now have 2 new IP's. I need to adjust the old Static/public IP on the existing SBS 2008 server to one of the new IPs. I know there is a wizard to do this, but for the life of me i can not find it. I've redirected the A records, and remote information saved through, but i am still unable to get email and RDP to the SBS 2008 server from the satelite locations. I have been able to RDP from, a laptop & desktop solutions on the phsyical network with the server, and of course all internal IPs stayed the same. Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated, i was lead to believe there is a wizard someplace in the server that will allow me to make this adjustment.... i cant find it....


Answer : Small Business Server 2008 Static IP change

this is on the start menu, admin tools, windows sbs console

under the NETWORK tab at the top, go to the connectivity sub-tab

click 'internet connection' at the left

then on the right you have some cool stuff you can mess with, especially "fix my network"

i hate wizards - but - i would pay a few bucks for a wizard called "fix my network" and always worked
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