Question : Database - Quiz Structure

Hello to you all,

I wish to create a quiz database in MySQL.   Each question will have 4 possible answers.  However, there are three different types of question as follows:

1) Only one of the four answers are correct

2) One to four of the answers may be correct

3) The answers have to be put in the correct order (Tallest person to shortest for example)

Trying to map this into a  database structure is proving tricky.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks, in advance, Colin.

Answer : Database - Quiz Structure

for more functionalities use...

TestCatID (autonumber)
TestDesc (text)         <-- (PhysicsI, Physics II, Chem, Biology, etc. ... test type)
Notes (memo)

QuestionDesignID (autonumber)
TestCat_ID (number/ Long)
Question (text)

CorrectAnswerID (autonumber)
QuestionDesign_ID (number/long)
AnswerOptions <--  (each recort to contain 1, 2, 3, 4  or A. B. C, D as required)
CorrectAnswer (text) The designer to enter correct answer (more on this later)
                                     The correct answer(s) to be included by test designer
                                      for auto grading later by comparing the answeres from tblTestAnswer

TestID (autonumber)

tblTestAnswer    The records in this table is generated by code based on
============   tblCorrectAnswer ready for student inputs
TestAnswerID (autonumber)
AnswerSymbol  <-- 1, 2, 3, 4  or A. B. C, D
Answer (text)
StudentNote (if prefered)

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