Question : Including fields in Filemaker email

Guesss this is one for Tocarcar again, who kindly provided me with a script that sends emails to multiple contractors confirming their job details and who they will be working with, without listing the name of the recipient.

This script works on a loop to send confirmations to all members of the group, but I also need to be able to send the same message to a single member of the group when a contractor who was previously confirmed needs replacement.

I had hoped to work this out myself from Tocarcar's script, but I don't understand it sufficiently, so here is the chance for more points...


Answer : Including fields in Filemaker email

See revised sample file attached.  There is a new script, available for testing in the Scripts drop down menu, which e:Mails the staff member assigned to the current shift record, including the names of the others on the job, except their own.
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