Question : The system cannot find the file specified

Hi Experts,

I've got one asp page with a datagrid, when I click on the link button in one of the columns it activates this line of code

            Response.Write("<script language=javascript>'Report.aspx?ReportDate=" + SelectedRowDate + "','','height=600,width=750,toolbar=no,menubar=no,resizable=yes,minimize=no,maximize=no,scrollbars=yes');</script>");

which is supposed to open this new window with the Crystal Report, now this works on my development machine but when I published to the testing server I get the error below when the new window opens

Error Page
Error Page

Answer : The system cannot find the file specified

Firstly since Site B is a workgroup - in order to be able to access the file Storage on a file server in the domain- Make sure you have a user account created on the domain fileserver and the same user account on any workgroup machine that is going to use the fileserver.
PS: The password for the user has to be same on all the computers

After this is taken care of you can Map a drive to the shares on the fileserver

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