Question : Alt-Enter

I just accidentally hit Alt-Enter while not in edit mode.  The status bar read "Cell" and indicated some processing.  What does it do?  
To be perfectly clear - I am NOT in edit mode, so Alt-Enter does NOT mean line "line break" a.k.a. "line feed" a.k.a. CHAR(10) in this context.


Answer : Alt-Enter

The problem lies with the gateway.  Normally, a VPN connection uses the local gateway for everything which prevents access to remote resources.  You have the exact opposite problem - the client is using the remote gateway and can't reach anything local.

What you're asking about is Split-Tunneling and it's a big security hole that most admins won't entertain.  While technically possible, it's really not a good idea.  The point of the tunnel is to remotely attach to a network with a secure tunnel.  By allowing local access too, you effectively begin routing packets from each network through your computer (which is now acting as a bridge).  

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