Question : Can't click taskbar or icons in Windows7 until Ctrl+Alt+Del.  Profile-Specific

Hello, this is my first question to the group so please be gentle.  Since I'm a n00b I also have no idea how much to value this question at so I hope that 250 points is fair.  

I have a client that recently purchased a new HP i3 laptop a few months ago with Win7 Home Prem.  Apparently this problem has been occurring for a long time (perhaps since we bought it).  I moved on to other projects and forgot about it (and the client just lived with it...until now).

When his computer is booted it logs right in to the default profile in the machine.  Let's say the profile name is "Bob."  However, you cannot left click on the taskbar at all or any icons (the cursor moves but can't do anything).  If you hit Ctrl+Alt+Del the blue-ish screen appears asking if you want to run Task Manager, Lock PC, etc. and if you move the cursor over the “cancel” button it hesitates a second but then miraculously lights up and the mouse buttons "awaken" and then all is fine.  This only occurs the first time the profile is loaded after booting/restarting.

I know what you're thinking...some crappy 3rd party app causing a problem.  Beat you to it.  I have already ran msconfig and disabled all startup apps.  The problem still occurs.  Some microsoft technet forum post about this issue suggested I run ShellExView and disable all non-microsoft entries but didn't have any effect either.

I then went in another direction and created another user profile on the machine.  With two accounts on the system I am displayed the regular profile selection screen and the mouse functions properly.  

If I select "Bob's" account first the mouse buttons stop working as the profile is loading.

Strangely, if I log in to the new profile "Lance" the mouse buttons work fine.  Strangely, if I log out and/or switch user and log in to the "Bob" profile the problem does not occur either.

This problem only occurs if "Bob's" account is loaded first after Windows boots.

I have already reinstalled the touchpad and mouse drivers, touchpoint software, etc. and had no effect.  Windows 7 Home Premium is up-to-date on updates from Microsoft.

The machine is regularly connected to a HP docking station and wireless keyboard & mouse, HOWEVER, the problem occurs even when disconnected from the external devices so I don't think they have anything to do with it.  I even tried disabling the touchpad.  Since this only happens in one profile, I don’t think this could be a hardware issue.

I need to know what I need to edit to fix Bob's profile.  Moving his data to another profile would be the easy way, but that isn't an option for me here.  He has so much data to copy it would take way to long and I only have access to this individual for short periods of time.  Restoring the OS is not an option either.

How do I fix this?

Thanks for your help.

Answer : Can't click taskbar or icons in Windows7 until Ctrl+Alt+Del.  Profile-Specific

I think the proplem here is in the account itself so

1- use ( User Settings Transfer Wizard ) to backup settings and save the file on any partitions except the system partition

2- delete Bob Account then recreate it with the same attributes

3- use user files and settings transfer wizard to restore the user settings and files

that should work for you
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