Question : Identify an improper server shutdown

I live in a country where grid is not stable and we have very frequent power outages (at least twice daily).
I have installed a software on my servers (sbs 2008 premium, two physical machines) a small software that came with the ups that is supposed to shut down automatically the systems after a while.
when I restart the system, quite often I have some services which are not up. I suspect this is because the ups software is not doing its job. how can i check from the server logs if the system was properly shut down or not ? i tried to look in event viewer, but donno what the entry should look like.

Answer : Identify an improper server shutdown

Sorry, typo when copying and pasting.
That should have been
For /F "tokens=1*" %a in ( 'FIND /i "L3= " C:\zzsticker.txt' ) do set L3=%b
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