Question : Close WORD question

I am having trouble understanding the flow of code with regard to Close logiic when opening a WORD file from within Access.

If I open a WORD file from within Acces via code, the user is taken to the File; that is, the Word file has focus.  My question has to do with closing the pointers to the Word file from within Access.

That is, lets say I have code in a button on a form in Access that opens a certain word file. After the file gets opened and it receives focus, what happens with the code?  Is the execution of the code that called the Word file halted?   I think not. If not and you write code following the opening of the Word file and in that code you tell it to close the word file, what does that do to the end-users experience?  Does it pull the rug out from under them?  Are you actually closing the file or just closing pointers to the file?  Is it OK to do this before the user himself has closed the file?

From the point of view of the code, does it makes any difference if the user has the file open or not?  I don't understand how you can close (with code) a file that you just opened and the user is looking at.  The code doesn't stop functioning until the user closes the Word file  does it?  Or is what I said a moment ago true?  Perhaps you're not closing the file with code, maybe your just closing pointers to the file. But you are closing the session arn't you?  If so, how is that not considered "pulling the rug out from under the user?

Any clarification appreciated.

Answer : Close WORD question

ACT! 2010 doesn't support Excel 2010 yet... ACT! 2011 (due next month) definitely will
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