Question : cfapplication sessionTimeout question

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I have a site which uses <cfapplication> tag in an Application.cfm file.  The tag has a sessionTimeout set and it is hard-coded.  What I would like to do is make that value for the session timeout a variable which is set by an administrative type user and then loaded when the application initializes.  This would allow an administrator to reset the timeout amount.  I had what is shown below and that won't work because I'm trying to use an application variable and it's not initialized yet.  The other thing I though of was to store the value in the database and load it everytime.  I don't like that solution, particularly.  I hope this makes sense.  Is there anything else I could do?

<cfif isDefined("application.Timeout")>
   <cfset myTimeout = application.Timeout>
   <cfset myTimeout = 60

 <cfapplication name="MyApplicationName"
      sessionTimeout = #CreateTimeSpan(0, 0, myTimeout, 0)#


Answer : cfapplication sessionTimeout question

If the admin is going to set the value, where will you store the value he/she has chosen?  It has to be stored someplace, you can't have the admin updating your CF template.  So, you can write it to a file or you can write it to the database.   I think the database is the best option, the query (if using cfqueryparam) will take a nano second to fetch, you could run the query 50 times per request and not get a performance hit.

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