Question : mysql upgrade 4.1 to 5.1

I have a large database 14gb + that I have to upgrade in situ. I've practiced and the mysqldump takes about 15 mins but the import 4 hours or so....I can't have the box down that long.

Currently its runs 4.1.16 and I want to go to 5.1.30 (suse 10)
I've read mysql recommend the mysqldump method but would it be possible to tar up the database folder and run the mysql_upgrade script on an intermediary version 5.0.15 and then tar that up and run the mysql_fix script on 5.1.30 ? This took me about an hour and reports ok on the upgrade scripts just want a bit more comfort that this works. I didn't write the database so don't know a lot about how its written/what it uses.


Answer : mysql upgrade 4.1 to 5.1

The steps you've taken are the ones available plus the use mysql-front and perform the copy database. The length of time the copy process will take will depend on the workstation from which mysql-front is running as well as the network connection/server performance.

If you can get the upgrade mysql binary from 5.0.x and run it on the same system where the database will eventually reside then run the 5.1.x upgrade version on the same.
The only thing remains is to use your application as I think DaveBaldwin may have meant that dealt with testing your application/s to make sure that it functions correctly with the 5.1.x updated database.

IMHO, trying to save time may inevitably lead to spending more time down the line.

I've seen some that had issues skipping version which are often detected later down the road.
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