Question : Can i use firefox on a unix web server to measure page load speed ?

Is it possible to install Firefox or another fully featured browser (as in not a text only browser) on a unix web server. And then run a site though it, and time how long it takes.
If possible, also measure how long each component takes.
I have found sites such as the following, who measure page load time, and i can mostly create this in php, but I'm using curl and other requests, while i think if i could install a browser on the server, and then run sites through it and time sections i could replicate this.
Similar to:

Anyone have experience with this, or any ideas, please let me know.

Answer : Can i use firefox on a unix web server to measure page load speed ?

Just another note, I figured out how to test the load speed hopefully.

Ruby already  includes a benchmarking class:
Heres my script:

This script also tests a browser refresh so you can take it from there.

require "rubygems"
require "benchmark"
require "firewatir"
include FireWatir
puts "Testing load time on"
puts Benchmark.measure {ff.goto("")}
puts "testing refresh time"
puts Benchmark.measure {ff.refresh}
puts "Lets time"
puts Benchmark.measure {ff.goto("")}
puts "and lets see if google loads faster 2nd time"
puts Benchmark.measure {ff.goto("")}

and this is the output i got:
$ ./timer.rb
Testing load time on
  0.000000   0.000000   0.000000 (  0.723822)
testing refresh time
  0.010000   0.000000   0.010000 (  7.643350)
Lets time
  0.000000   0.010000   0.010000 (  2.553141)
and lets see if google loads faster 2nd time
  0.030000   0.000000   0.030000 ( 31.678997)

^^ for the record..... yes... that last result was 31 seconds, wifi...
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