Question : How to pay off a private student loan?

I have a private student loan with ~6% simple interest. I pay some amount every month, and for some reason my total does not go down. In fact it often goes up!?

For example, if my balance is $20,000, and I pay $200 one month, $100 goes to principal and $100 goes to interest. But then next month, my balance is somewhere around $20,100. How is that possible? I pay $200 but I owe $100 more than I did before.

I don't really understand how this works, and if I am ever going to be able to pay the loan off? Can someone explain what is happening here and how do I go about paying this loan off quicker?


Answer : How to pay off a private student loan?

It doesn't make sense, unless there are late fees, or something you are missing.
20K @ 6% = 100/mo, so after your payment, you should owe $19,900.

they might have applied your payment incorrectly. Call them and straighten it out.
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