Question : Computer isn't allowing access anymore

I have a computer that I used to be able to access on my network but is playing hard to get now. It's a Windows XP Pro machine. Its on a 2 computer network. I used to be able to access the shared files & folders on it. I installed Acronis TI Home 2010 one it yesterday, & was no longer able to access it on the network.

I have uninstalled Acronis, disable the firewalls on both computers (the other computer is Vista Home Premium), disabled Mcafee's security, & restarted both computers several times, all with no joy.

I am able to ping the XP PC with both PC name & IP address. It shows up under Network, & I can see the Shared Folders when I click on computer name under Network in Windows Explorer.

Also I am able to see the Vista PC from the XP PC & access its shared folders.

The error message is something like "xyz folder can not be access. You may not have permission ......"

I'm not sure if the Vista PC has the correct username & password to access the shared folders, but I'm not sure how to get it to ask for the username & password again. If someone could help me with this, I would appreciate it.

I have been googling to find some answers, but haven't been very successful. I would appreciate any assistance anyone could give me on this.

Answer : Computer isn't allowing access anymore

This is a known issue with Acronis. The IRPStackSize value in the registry must be increased. I think I had to go to 30 before it fixed my issue.
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