Question : DatetimePicker Problem C#

I have qestion that is when I am selecting any date from the datetimepicker as in this form (return date) then it is taking the date and also the time. (Please see the image attached)
I am doing in this manner
DateTime DateofReturn;
                DateofReturn = dateTimePicker_ReturningDate.Value;
And the query I am using for Save option is

string query = "insert into Table_Borrow(MemberID,Film_ID,NameofItem,DateofReturn,Status) values(@parameter1,@parameter2,@parameter3,@parameter4,'" + b.ToString() + "')";

May I know what I have to do so that only the date as selected from the datetimepicker should get saved not time (that is 7A.M. should not get saved)

Thanking you,

Answer : DatetimePicker Problem C#

"so you mean what ever we can d with mm_Menu we can do using Spry!!
and Spry is better than mm_menu right?"

Yes.  Frankly, just about anything is better than mm_menu.

FYI, since mm_menu is also an external javascript file, you will have the same problems with the hosting provider not "supporting" it.
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