Question : Acer 5720 TM new hard drive install says  no partition available

I have an Acer 5720 Travelmate which I bought for a customer and followed the instructions to create the recovery disks.  The hard drive has failed so I have purchased a new one and am trying to run the recovery process but I seem to have a problem.  There are 3 DVDs that I created when I purchased the machine for my customer, as part of the recommended  eRecovery routine  -  these are Driver & application disc (1 disc), 2 disks named Backup Image Disk.  If I run Disk 1 of the Backup Image disk, It appears to be loading windows but then says No Partition available.  If I run the Driver and Appliation disc, it get the Broadcom UNDIPXE-2/1 startup screen, and then it says:  PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable.  [email protected] Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM.  Operating system not found.  Can anyone help me?  I was hoping I would just have to rerun the Recovery DVDs but it doesnt seem to be that straight-forward and Acer just tell me to return the laptop to them for £54 diagnosis charge!

Answer : Acer 5720 TM new hard drive install says  no partition available

Here are the instructions for pre-formatting:

Not been able to find the .iso file on the Acer site but there is an FTP download of it here (209MB)

Burn the image to CD then boot to it and it should carry out the preformatting of the new drive ready for the restore disks.

Assume as usual Acer haven't supplied any instructions at all ...?

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