Question : What to do when MS Forefront fails?

I have seen two occasions now where the MOM reporting for MS Forefront shows a user was infected with malware and that Forefront removed the threat.  But actually going to the user's machine you see the popups and phishing and other obvious signs of infection.  So I'll run some other malware software, read up on the threat, use HiJack this...and eventually get rid of it.  The question is - how do you let MS know that it's product is giving false assurances?  And how do you get them to fix it and communicate that such is fixed???

Answer : What to do when MS Forefront fails?

unfortunately, they know already.  they get so many reports they'll never be able to respond to them all, and probably won't be able to fix them either.

there isn't any one program that catches 99% of everything... but microsoft doesn't even come close.  that's the problem with a company that is SO big they try to get their hooks into every area, they can do a lot of things a little well.  rather than do a few things really, really well.

the best product i've seen for anti malware is malwarebytes, but having it licensed so it runs in the background and watches everything... with scheduled updates and scheduled scans too.  they now have corporate licensing available, so it's real easy.

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