Question : Out of disk space > cannot uninstall programs

According to C: properties, I have 0 bytes of free space, even after deleting many files. This is preventing me from uninstalling any program as there is not enough space for temporary installation files. Some programs give an error like

"out of disk space -- Volume: 'C'; required space: 4kb"

I can delete 4kb of space but to no avail. No changes appear to have been made.

It’s a catch 22, the only way to free up significant space is to uninstall programs, but I can't do that because there's not enough space. How might I go about solving this?

Answer : Out of disk space > cannot uninstall programs

Go to C:\Documents and Settings\"USER ID"\Local Settings\Temp (you may need to modify your settings to see hidden files and folders)
Select all files - while holding the shift key hit delete key
This will delete files avoiding the recycle bin and should not require temp disk space which is causing your system to fail
This should free up quite a bit of space without impacting any programs
If you get any errors skip the files mentioned
To avoid problems and get started you may want to close all apps and start with files starting with ~ and dated prior to today
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