Question : delete cookies and refresh browser

I am having an issue with displaying information after I have changed the database. I am using an ajax script to pull in the information I am requesting and display it in a div.  

Once the information is in the div I have it in a form so it can be posted to another page. Everything posts and does what it should do. My only issues is that when I go back to the page and use the ajax request to display the information in the div it does not refresh. I am not sure which page is causing this or if it is cookies or something else...Any help would be great..Thank you.

Answer : delete cookies and refresh browser

1.try to use CCLEAN to delete all temp and cookies.
2.if you are using IE go to your internet browser > TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS > in general tab go to
browsing history and choose delete .... in the new windows select what you want do delete.
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