Question : Directories

The file attached contains my issue.

I have a root directory which contains folders. Each folder contains another folder which contains another folder which then contains multiple folders each having the same file (the files are named the same way in each directory).
You have to see the attached file to kind of understand what I am referring to.
I am basically trying to search for a word in a file. So I am basically trying to search through all the subdirectories containing the file and then checking to see if the word that I am looking for is contained in the file.

I hope this is not confusing.
I am having difficulty coming up with a way to properly traverse the directory.
Any help is much appreciated.


Answer : Directories

Dear besmile4ever,

For a list of "Applications, Protocols, and Services Classified by PacketWise 8.5", check out
"BlueCoat ProxySG 9000 Full Proxy" provides many useful details.
Also you can look for further information via the "Datasheets"

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