Question : I need advise on a triple monitor setup.

Hello all, I have a need to configure a multiple monitor setup.  I havn't gone down that road yet so i would like a point in the right direction.

I have a Dell Vostro with XP and 1 PCIe 16x slot availabe.
I have 3 Dell Ultrasharp 19" monitors with VGA and DVI out.

What would be the cleanest way to attach the three monitors to the Vostro.  Looking to spend < $250 on the graphics card as this is a business machine that will be running PDFs and spreadsheets mostly.  I would like an "off the shelf" solution if possible as I would like a solution that will require minimal ongoing support.

Thanks in advance.


Answer : I need advise on a triple monitor setup.

The best triple monitor video card right now is the ATI HD5750. The third monitor MUST have a DisplayPort jack (like one of the newer Dell monitors) in order to run triple monitors.

The best configuration is with one DisplayPort monitor in the middle, with two DVI monitors on the sides. All three monitors need to be the same resolution for best results. The HD5750 can run the three monitors in Extended Desktop mode (display different things on each screen), Clone mode (display the same thing on each screen), or in Eyefinity mode for games that support it (the game screen is spanned over all three monitors).
The price is about $140, so will fit your budget

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