Question : Crystal Reports 9 >  how to refresh indexes ?

Hi Experts  -

First of all - I'm not a crystal reports expert so this might be an easy question.  So please - go easy on me.

We have a report that takes FOREVER to run (sometimes over 5 hours - to return a few hundred to a few thousand rows) and I’ve been tasked with fixing it.  

the report involves a few FoxPro tables (dbase files, with .cdx indexes)

I got my hands on a crystal reports book and so far have inferred that:
1)  The indexes (as indicated by a 'flag' or 'tent' icon in database expert) are inferred by CR from the .cdx file, and not built 'on the fly'.  

2)  If you use a join on a field that should be indexed, but isn't your report will be very sluggish.  (i think this is the cause of my problem - i''m joining on a ID field that should never have more than 2 instances in the table i'm querying off of, but the field is not indexed)

Am I correct on the above 2 points?

In an attempt to rectify - I have done the following:
I added an index to the table with the appropriate FoxPro commands (Index on fieldname tag tagname) and reindexed the table.  I confirmed that my .cdx file doubled in size so I feel good that my changes 'took'.  Also - from what I understand you're supposed to use SQL's 'Alter Table' rather than VFP's 'Index' when creating an index on the Pkey.  I however, am not creating an index on a Pkey, but on a foreign key so this should not be the root of my issue.  Note too that when I use SQL to make the same joins and run the same 'report' as a select query, the time it takes to run seems reasonable so this is not a case of 'large tables take large amounts of time to query'

I'm not sure what else I should try.  One thing I did notice is that after I added the additional index to the .cdx file, there still wasn't a 'flag' in database expert when I opened the report.  Is there a way to 'refresh' crystal reports so it can pick up on my new index.

Any help is appreciated.  thanks,


Answer : Crystal Reports 9 >  how to refresh indexes ?

To get Crystal to recognize the new index, select Database/Verify Database.
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