Question : dcdiag DCOM error from old/removed server


I'm working to get a clean dcdiag on a server before it's demoted.  I have on error I can't figure out how to clean up.

In a nutshell we had a server setup with this name with exchange on it... I'm guessing it was not properly removed from the domain.  I can't find any reference to the server at all yet it shows up in a dcdiag.

            Event String:
            DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer using any of the configured protocols.
         An error event occurred.  EventID: 0x0000006C
            Time Generated: 07/13/2010   09:22:23

I get this same error twice during dcdiag.  What method should I use to locate/remove any references to this computer?  There is no computer account or anything that I can see located in AD.


Answer : dcdiag DCOM error from old/removed server

We only have one site.

I believe out of luck the problem is gone!

In AD U&C (advanced features on) I started looking in EVERY container for any reference to the "" server.

Under System -> File Replication Service -> Domain System Volume (SYSVOL share) I found an entry that had the server name in question.  After deleting this object I no longer get the error when I run dcdiag!

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